Animal Talkback

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Matahui School is putting on a school wide production called ‘Animal Talkback’ on the 24th and 25th September.  We are having great fun getting ready for it now, acting out our parts and learning our dance called Jai Ho.  Our scene is set in an Indian village and we have an elephant in our story.  Here are our paintings of an Indian elephant and our stories describing the elephant.


My Elephant by Gianni

My elephant is called Tommy.  Watch out!  He might stomp on you!  He is the biggest of all.  He is the shiniest.  My elephant has big feet.  My elephant comes from India.  He is sparkly and getting ready for the show.  He is happy.P1070854

My Elephant by Matilda

My elephant is as huge as trees.  She is from India.  She has Indian patterns.  She looks sparkly with decorations.  She is beautiful.  She walks down the path to go to the Ball.  She is happy that she is not a white elephant.           P1070858


My Elephant by Denley

My elephant is called Harrison Elephant.  He comes from India.  My elephant is as sparkly as sunshine.  My elephant has sparkly eyebrows.  He is spraying water on his back and he feels cool.


My Elephant by Macy

My elephant comes from India.  It likes grass.  My elephant is sparkly.  My elephant is the biggest.  Her name is Bella.  She walks to the wedding and she looks special.


My Elephant by Troy

My elephant is called Fifi and she is beautiful.  She has sparkly mats on her back.  She comes from India.                                                      P1070855

My Elephant by Asha

My elephant is sparkly and it comes from India.  She is my favourite elephant. She is walking along to the party and she is excited.


My Elephant by Max

I like my elephant because he is cool and sparkly.  He is cute with decorations.  He wants to look pretty for the party.


My Elephant by James

My elephant is friendly with the people.  His name is Puppet.  He comes from India.  He has bright painting on his grey skin.


My Elephant by Keyarn

My elephant is a boy and he is called Keyarn.  He has cool mats on his back.  He is going to a wedding and he looks big.


My Elephant by Millie-Anne

My elephant is pretty.  She comes from India.  She is eating grass.  She is going to a wedding.


My Elephant by Bryleigh

She is sparkly and creative and she is sparkly and beautiful.  She is going to a party in India.  She is happy.