Welcome to Room One 2015

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My Name is Gianni.  I'm as tall as a giraffe.  I'm as fast as a cheetah.  I have blonde hair and I have long legs.  I run fast on my long legs.  I run up the hills and down the hills and I'm gone before you see me!

My name is Bryleigh.  I love myself.  I'm the best I can be.  I'm me.  I like my blonde hair and my blue eyes.  I like sleeping.  I'm as beautiful as a flower.

My name is James.  I like riding on my bike.  I'm as tall as a giant.  I'm friendly to my friends.  I have lots of smiles.

My name is Matilda.  I'm special.  I'm good at spelling.  I'm as cute as a kitten.  When I wave my hair around it looks funny.  I like making people laugh.

My name is Keyarn.  I'm six.  I love trains.  I want to be a train driver.

My name is Asha.  I am nearly six.  I am proud I am nice.  I make people happy.  I love writing and riding my bike.

My name is Gabe.  I like playing basketball.  I have brown hair.  I have blue eyes.  I like playing with my friends.

My name is Millie-Anne.  I am five years old.  I like myself.  I like my red hair.  I like my blue eyes.  I like to ride my bike.

My name is Thomas.  I like riding my bike.  I like eating chocolate.  It's delicious!

My name is Nikora.  I like going on the boat.  I love my cousin.  I love my whole family!

We hope you enjoyed our stories and paintings!