Super Safe Cycling

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Last week Rooms 1, 3 and 5 worked with Constable Ros to improve our cycling skills.

Firstly we checked our bikes and helmets to make sure they were safe.

sofia helmet
Constable Ros taught Room 5

  • The road code
  • How to perform emergency braking,
  • How to use hand signals to indicate your intentions
  • How to perform u-turns

We used the school grounds to make practice roads to master our skills.

On Friday we put our skills to the test by cycling around the streets of Katikati.
While we were cycling we had to think carefully about what we were doing; keeping left, curb starts, looking behind, indicating intentions, life saver looks, safe cycling distance…….

We were amazing!

road cycling
At the end of our journey we stopped off at the Katikati Skate park to test our bikes and bodies in a different way.

skate park

skate 2

We have learnt a lot of great skills.  A special thanks to Constable Ros for your help throughout the week and to Dave and Dave (Sofia’s Granddad) who helped us on this trip.

  1. Pauline Miller

    More exciting learning!! What a great way to practice your cycling skills on the streets of Katikati. Wish I’d been in town that day, I would have given way to you.

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