Room 5 Assembly

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Room 5 presented at Assembly on Friday.  We learnt how to play the song Seven Years and adapted the lyrics.




We adapted the story “It’s a Book” written by Lane Smith into a short play.

We  also present our ‘Selfie” art of what we did in the holidays.

DSCI0167Playing football for Barcelona.

DSCI0168Kakapo Ranger with winning trophy.

DSCI0169Winning the recent quidditch game at Hogwarts.

DSCI0170Winning gold at Royal Ascot.

DSCI0171Getting caught by a creeper on minecraft

DSCI0172Feeding an angle fish in Fiji

DSCI0173Preparing for battle against the dark force.

DSCI0174Watching an eruption while in Hawaii.

DSCI0219Sinking a hoop when training with the Tall Blacks.

What a talented bunch of children!

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