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It is always wonderful when we receive a gift. It is even more wonderful if it is a surprise and
especially wonderful when the gift is the consequence of considerable thought and planning.
So imagine my delight when I stepped into my office to find a gift had been left for me by
two of our students. It was not presented to me in fancy wrapping, nor was there an
accompanying card – the item had been carefully placed inside a paper tissue and a short
explanatory note attached…..

”Dear Mr. Muller. We found a hedgehog head and thought you would like it.” From Claudia and Danielle.

What an amazing gift from two “forensic scientists!” The girls had discovered the deceased
in our bush area and over time, had observed the gradual decay of the creature, subsequently
exhuming some of the remains. The level of interest, wonder and excitement in making the
initial discovery, to following the natural process of decomposition is an example of inquiry
learning at its best. It demonstrates how our students engage with, and connect to, the
environment beyond just playing. They continue to explore, investigate, discover and search
for answers. How awesome…… and what a wonderful gift they shared with me.

WARNING: the following image is slightly graphic. View after dinner.



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