‘Animal Talk back’ by Room One. Come and enjoy our stories, paintings and photos.

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Our Matahui School put on a show. Room One and Two are in an Indian village and we are having a wedding. I am a trickster with Emma-Poppy. We trick Hackett and Hunk. They are mean and evil and they want to steal the Spirit of Life. We say to Hackett and Hunk that the Spirit of Life is in the thumpty dumpty droppings. But it is not! We tricked them!    By Max


Everyone at our school put on a show. I am in an Indian village. The elephant comes out and sprays white flour out over the audience from his trunk. They laughed. The elephant is fat and big. The elephant now is a white elephant. Hissterghast the snake lives in Tinkovit. Hissterghast is as scary as a monster! He scares the explorers and Hackett  and Hunk. But they get away and they say, “We are the champions!” By Macy


Our school made a show. We are in a village. Hissterghast is an evil snake and he is in the Valley of Tinkovit. The walls are as steep as cliffs. His eye is like an evil laser. The snake chases Hackett and Hunk, two evil men who want to steal the Spirit of Life. I climb the tree to look for the elephant. The elephant looks cool when he dances. Our show is cool.       By Troy


We are presenting a show. Room One and Two do the Jai Ho dance. It is fun doing the Snake Dance and Bow and Arrow. I am Mrs Himhumbud and Luca is Mr Himhumbud and we are getting ready for the wedding. We have lots of marigold flowers. They look pretty and I feel happy. By Matilda


Our school put on a show. I lead the elephant off the stage. He is terribly big and terribly fat. He squashed my lettuce. He broke the marigold flowers. He used the TV aerial as a back scratcher. He sprays white flour over the audience and they laugh. Our show is awesome. By Keyarn


My class put on a show. I like telling Alderajah that the elephant has been drinking from the goldfish pond. He has been naughty and he has to go back to New Zealand. That elephant is a naughty elephant when he squirts white flour out to the audience. It is funny! By Bryleigh


Matahui made a show. The show is awesome. I dance the Jai Ho dance. We do the Indian dance. I like dancing the Snake and the Bow and Arrow. I love saying my part. I say “let’s play some games.” I say “Hissterghast has an eye like an evil laser. Bzzzzzzzz!” By James


Matahui School is showing a production. Room One and Two are doing an Indian scene. I come running in and I say “Goodness gracious me! The elephant is very big!” Troy climbs up the tree so he can see what’s happening. An elephant is coming to our village and I feel excited! By Asha


I like our show and I am in an Indian village. At the show I say to the explorers that we will help you find the River of Knowledge. They go to the Valley of Tinkovit. Its walls are as steep as cliffs. And there is a giant snake called Hissterghast. The explorers get the water from the River of Knowledge. Hissterghast scares the explorers and Hissterghast is blind in his left eye. I am proud of our show. By Denley


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