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We have in recent weeks launched our new-look website.  Whilst it is still in its development stage (we have additional information to feature on the site and some refinements to make), it has certainly been positively received. One of the newest elements has been to introduce class “blogs.” We have however, decided to call these blogs “WINDOWS” because in one sense the students are looking out beyond the classroom and connecting with the wider, global community, and you, as part of this community are looking in to see what and how the students are learning. Having the students engage with technology in this way serves a number of purposes. Possibly the most obvious is that they have the opportunity to share what is currently happening in their classrooms by showcasing their learning for an audience that extends across the globe. Additionally, knowing that what they present will be viewed by others, means that they need to be conscious of how and what they communicate – they need to review, refine, reflect and conduct themselves responsibly.

And what a wonderful way for them to demonstrate and celebrate their understanding of what they learn in a wide range of contexts and what an exciting way to collaborate on learning. So if you haven’t ventured into the “Blog” zone and opened a “window” make it a priority. I’m sure you’ll find the visit refreshing.

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