Matahui School invites families with children who are not currently enrolled as students at the school to experience our unique curriculum as part of our One-Day School Programme.

Through our One-Day School Programmes, your child will experience what makes Matahui magic. Our One-Day programmes aim to prepare our young people by teaching them resilience, leadership, and entrepreneurship; as well as academics. 

Our Guardians of the Forest programme helps children develop independence, and confidence, learn technical skills, and manage risk. Our Neurodiverse programme is specially designed to support children who have a learning need and may need a little extra support — with an approach that is rooted in the understanding of how your child learns as an individual. 

Parents and caregivers can enrol their children through our website. Permission needs to be granted by your child’s school principal to attend. Attendance is always on the same day, giving students a sense of belonging and connection.

Guardians of the Forest Programme

Your child will spend the day in an off-site forest area, exploring our natural environment, with an experienced forest school teacher. The Forest School programme is created in alignment with the Matahui School wider vision.

Programme information:

The guiding principles include: 

    1. A long-term outdoor education programme where children visit natural spaces.
    2. Allowing children to develop holistically and learn social and technical skills.
    3. Children develop independence, self-confidence, and skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.
    4. Your child will learn to manage and handle risk and develop their physical and mental limits. 
    5. Each session is planned and linked to previous sessions.
    6. The programme is guided by the Forest Schools Association framework, alongside the Matahui School vision and values. 

The Guardians of the Forest One-Day School programme is available to kids aged 5 - 12 years old. The programme takes place on Wednesdays for Year 4-8 students, and Fridays for Year 1-3 students, during the school term. 

Neurodiverse One-Day School Programme

Specially designed for children with a learning need*, the programme includes components of structured literacy, mathematics, and hands-on project-inquiry.

Programme information:

The guiding principles include: 

  1. Learning in a small class environment with like-minded peers.
  2. Specialised structured literacy and mathematics curriculum that caters to your child’s individual learning need.
  3. Project-based hands-on inquiry activities.
  4. Opportunities to problem solve and be challenged. 
  5. A learning philosophy underpinned by the Multiple Intelligences approach.
  6. Learning based on the Matahui School full-time programme, supported by evidence-based practice.

Experiential Learning

Students are encouraged and challenged to explore their world in a variety of ways.

Our approach is rooted in an understanding of the individual needs of every student, we recognise their strengths and celebrate their gifts in ways that support growth, knowledge, skill, and creativity.

We offer direct instruction using multi-sensory techniques to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles.

Small class sizes, individualised attention, and assistive technology are used to enhance learning.

The hands-on approach consolidates this instruction, offering a variety of creative outlets for our students.

*The Neurodiverse One Day programme caters to students diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, twice exceptional, ADHD and gifted children.

We are currently taking enrolments for Wednesdays. If we have an oversubscription of students applying, Wednesday will cater for students in Year's 3-8 and Thursdays for students in Year's 9-10 — this is so we can keep our classrooms small, no more than 8-10 children. The size of the class will depend on the needs of the children. 

For more information or if you wish to enrol please complete our online form by clicking the button below.