At Matahui our learning environment extends beyond the traditional classroom. We are privileged to have access to New Zealand’s beautiful native bush, so our students can take their learning into the outdoors.

The Matahui Guardians of the Forest Programme is a unique learning experience where children spend a day in the forest immersed in nature. The programme gives students real-life experience in the natural environment where they can play; learn and create; find magic in the forest; explore land and water, and become guardians of the natural environment. 

The Guardians of the Forest Programme is available once a week, to all Matahui students within our junior school. As part of the programme the children visit our natural spaces in small groups of 12-15 students, and are given the freedom to explore, create and play. Matahui School learning is based on a progressivist philosophy, and the programme further enhances how our students learn. The students’ learning is based on the concept of understanding the child as a whole and the holistic development of the child as they learn social and technical skills. The Guardians of the Forest Programme helps children develop independence, self-esteem and personal skills, through hands on experience in a woodland area, and teaches life-skills such as teamwork and problem solving.

N.B. The Forest School Programme is currently only available to junior students, however, because of the success of this programme we are currently looking at how we can involve our senior students. 

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