Matahui Trapping Group Strikes Again

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Once again our hard working team of trappers went into the Aongatete Bush to check our trapping line.

When we arrived we found Barry waiting for us.  Last time he showed us how to skin a possum.  This time we saw how it had dried.  It still needed more time curing.


Then it was time to go into the bush.  We heard lots of different bird calls today like the tui, bush robin, rifleman and fantails.

At the first trap, otherwise known as the graveyard we found our first possum of the day.  Over the morning we went on to collect 2 more possums.


Then we stopped off at the weka aviary.  We saw 3 weka moving about and we learnt that weka can climb trees.  People did not know that weka could do this, so it is exciting information.


During the walk we also saw a morepork.  It is unusual to see one during the day.  Barry thought that it might be a juvenile bird.


It was another great trapping session.  Thanks to Barry, Pete and Ann who looked after us today.


  1. Pauline Miller

    Exciting learning going on in Room 5, great photos. I’ll have to come and visit you soon as I haven’t seen you in a while.

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