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From Max Muller

Whenever a valued staff member leaves a school there is a sense of sadness though this is usually coupled with a celebration of the contribution the person has made. At the end of the last academic year Pauline Miller announced she was retiring from full time teaching and this sent a wave of emotion through our community, especially as Pauline had been with Matahui almost since its inception 26 years ago.

How do you acknowledge the legacy someone leaves behind when they have invested so much time and energy into the lives of other peoples' children?

The best I can do is share with you an instance whereby an ex student of Pauline's, a young man now married with a family of his own, came back to visit the school.. He spent time reminiscing about everything that had been most significant in his time at Matahui and right at the centre was Pauline Miller. The impact of his time here was such that he said that were he and the family to relocate to New Zealand he would definitely enroll his children.

Use the following link to access Pauline's speech . It is peppered with messages for us all. Having read it I am sure that you will recognise and understand why Pauline was, and remains, so loved and respected. d/ 0B0ezCljlV5PVckRBc0ZjRGVWeG8/ view?usp=sharing

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