Matahui School is proud to invite families who are not currently enrolled as students at the school the opportunity to experience our unique curriculum as part of our One-Day ‘Guardians of the Forest’ School programme.

Matahui School’s philosophy encourages children to experience childhood as a time of life for fun, laughter, and exploration; while building relationships, expressing creativity, and learning from their mistakes. The five core aspects of Matahui School’s philosophy are: hands-on learning, working collaboratively, active experimentation, self-management, and creative thinking. It is these core aspects we wish to share through our One-Day School programme.

Through our One-Day Guardians of the Forest School programme young people will get a taste of what makes Matahui Magic. Our One-Day programme aims to prepare our young people through teaching them resilience, leadership, and entrepreneurship, alongside academics. Our outdoor education and environmental programmes help prepare our young people for their adult life.

Matahui School takes pride in the fact that so many of our past students are now leaders in their own right; musicians, scientists, and Olympians, just to mention a few.

Parents and Caregivers can enrol their children through the portal on our website. Permission is granted by your child’s school principal to attend our programme. Attendances is always on the same day giving students a sense of belonging and connection.

One-Day Guardians of the Forest Programme

The Forest School programme is created in alignment with the Matahui School wide vision.

"To be brave and confident explorers,  

tough in spirit, flexible in mind,

to pursue our dreams and ambitions"

The Matahui One-Day School Guardians of the Forest programme provides students with the opportunity to learn about the environment they are working within, how to protect, preserve and nurture while developing life-long skills.

Students will be encouraged to experience free play, make their own choices, follow their own interests and curiosities while following the Matahui School vision and values.

Programme information and what to expect on the day:

These are the guiding principles and ethos set out by the Forest Schools Association which has formed the framework of the Matahui School Guardians of the Forest School programme.

  • A long term outdoor education programme where children visit natural spaces.
  • It is about developing the child holistically, as they learn social and technical skills.
  • Through this programme, children develop independence, self-esteem and skills such as teamwork and problem solving.
  • The programme is based on a cycle of planning, where each session is linked.
  • Forest school supports learners to take risks allowing children to learn and develop their physical and mental limits making them better equipped to handle risk.

The Matahui Guardians of the Forest One-Day School programme is available to kids aged 5 - 12 years old. Children who attend the programme spend the day in an off-site forest area, exploring our natural environment with an experienced forest school teacher. The programme is run one day a week on Friday's throughout the school term.

Come to Matahui School to experience our unique educational opportunities. 

To receive more information and our enrolment and consent form for our One-Day School, or have any questions, please complete our online form by clicking the link below.