Matahui School, Financially Literate Children

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Over the last few weeks the children in class have been earning money in their online Banqer accounts.

Today we had a discussion about expenses, that in the real world while we earn money we also have to pay money for different goods and services.  In this discussion we also talked about the difference between paying rent and having a mortgage.

When I told the class that they would have to pay rent on their desks, $5 per week.  One of the students immediately thought that this was not on and that they would like to purchase their desk.  The cost of purchase was set at $1,000 as these desks are very high quality.


This same student came back to me later in the day to say that they think they will save up enough so they could buy two desks and then rent one out and at a lower rate than I was.This student displayed innovated and creative thinking.

Next week the student will be given the opportunity to create their own business.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.


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