At Matahui, we encourage our children to experience and appreciate cultures and communities from multiple perspectives. As part of this process, we provide students with the opportunity to travel internationally.

One example of maintaining global connection is our biennial trip to to Tahiti. Students on the Tahiti trip live, speak, eat and stay with French families which brings alive the French lessons and cultural projects they have been learning back at school.

International Students

Matahui School is an ideal school for International students to gain a real kiwi experience. The rural environment provides a different aspect to learning opportunities. Recently we hosted 3 students from China

Please see attached our International student blog.

These visits and relationships between Matahui and other schools around the globe help teach our children about the true meaning of diversity, inclusion and culture.

International student blog

International Student enrolment form

If you are interested in a short term stay or long term stay opportunity please contact the Matahui School Office: