Funding Ensures Western Bay School’s Future

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A Western Bay school principal is ecstatic that its future is secure after facing closure earlier in the year.

Matahui School principal Mary Woods says everyone is very happy and relieved.

“We’re all very excited that we’ve got a future.

“We’ve got a school to come back to next year. There’s no more uncertainty.

“It’s taken that worry away.”

In term two, the independent school announced it was struggling financially and facing closure at the end of term three if funds weren’t secured.

Low enrolment numbers and the knock-on effects of Covid-19, meant the school was struggling to maintain financial viability.

Parents and alumni raised enough money to keep the school going until the end of the year, while a plan was developed to keep the school open long term.

“Teaching and learning has been happening, but that has been just hanging over our heads.

“The uncertainty about being open next year.”

The school’s foundation trust has secured the sale of the land the school is on releasing additional funds and providing the school a lifeline, says Mary.

Matahui School will then lease the land off the new owner.

“We are all looking forward to working closely with all the stakeholders ensuring the future survival of Matahui School.”

Read the full article published on Sunlive 21 October 2021.

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