The first part of our school mission statement says ….”Inspiring creativity…” Well I was recently treated to a wonderful example of that whilst spending time in a mathematics class. The students have been learning about number – addition and subtraction.  One of the students was so excited to show me a new form of mathematics she had created…..”Real Fact Art Maths.”


If you look carefully at the graphic depicted you should notice the beehive from whence the bee came – note how it is hanging from the branch of the tree. The bee subsequently flies to the house where it happens upon a finger (obviously attached to a human though it is just the finger you can see along with the bee’s stinger). So why the broken heart you might ask? Well here is the equation…..Bee + stinger in finger = dead bee (hence the broken heart). A wonderful combination of mathematics and science.

It is such creativity that leads to new understandings. This student clearly understands how mathematics works, especially addition. Moreover, it is such creativity that leads to new ways of looking at the world and sophisticated discoveries. I hope that you will be inspired as much as I was when I Emma Poppy shared her “Real Fact Art Maths” with me.

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