Room One asks the question: Which colour is the best?

Rainbow Day – together we made a rainbow!                                          P1100008 

So, what is the best colour?  We have been learning to write arguments.  That’s where we write our point of view.  We write what we think and give reasons why.  Here are our paintings and our writing, describing which colour we think is the best colour.  You can decide!


More colours for Room One to explore!

After exploring the primary colours, Room One  experimented with mixing colours to discover the secondary colours of green, orange and purple.

Green Day

Blue + Yellow = Green

It is green day….P1090724

I am wearing a green T-shirt and green leggings and all my friends are wearing green.  Everyone looks like mints and everyone looks cool.  I’m glad that everyone likes green and that’s a good colour for Keyarn and James.  Green makes me think of crickets hiding in the bush.  By Matilda.

I am wearing green spiky hair and a sparkly bow tie.  I am green all over.  I feel proud!  By James

I am wearing a green Ninja Turtle costume.  I look cool!  By Nikora

It is lovely seeing people with green.  I have a green bag.  By Thomas

P1090658   P1090717P1090657P1090715P1090727Nikora P1090731Bryleigh P1090730Gianni

Orange Day

Red Yellow = Orange

It is orange day…

P1090848Everybody is orange.  My orange T-shirt is cool.  Orange is a happy colour.  By Keyarn.

I am wearing an orange skirt and an orange jumper and orange tights and an orange T-shirt.  Everyone looks like a mandarin.  I like everyone in orange.  Keyarn has an orange shirt and Matilda is wearing an orange dress.  Millie-Anne is wearing orange gloves.  Gianni is wearing an orange T-shirt.  Aby is wearing an orange T-shirt.  Orange is best!  By Asha

Orange is best because oranges are yummy.  I am wearing an orange shirt.  Orange is the colour of the sun.  By Aby

I am wearing orange gloves and an orange hairband.  I like orange.  By Millie-Anne

P1090831Keyarn   P1090825Asha P1090833 James   P1090896P1090897Orange’ spelling by Gianni and Millie-Anne


Purple Day

Red + Blue = Purple 

It is purple day…P1090924

Queens and Kings wear purple clothes.  Purple is cool like a purple monster.  I made a purple monster and a spaceship and it looks cool.  James is wearing a purple T-shirt and purple pants.  Purple makes me feel happy because it is a dark rich colour.  Asha is wearing a light mauve colour and it looks cool.  By Gianni

I am wearing a purple jacket, pants, scarf and band in my hair.  Matilda is wearing a purple dress.  Purple makes me happy.  It is a fun colour.  By Bryleigh.

Violets are purple, plums are purple.  Everyone looks like plums and we all look cool.  I’m wearing a purple dress.  Bryleigh is wearing a purple jumper and she looks pretty.  I’ve made a purple one-eyed people eater.  It looks cool.  I look like a purple leopard with polka dots!  By Matilda

P1090901 P1090902Two one-eyed, one horned flying people eaters!P1090911 P1090914P1090913



Digital Learning

Matahui is proud to lead the way with our Digital Citizenship partnership with leading internet security company Symantec. Please see the details below.

Background Information for Pilot Schools
The opportunity for Symantec to partner with Cyber Safe Kids in the localised alignment of Common
Sense Media curriculum to the Australian, New Zealand and International Baccalaureate Primary Years
Programme is unique.
Robyn Treyvaud, founder of Cyber Safe Kids and her colleague Andrea Muller have been liaising with
Common Sense Media for the past 5 years and together with colleagues from the UK Safer Internet
Centre and South West Grid for Learning have become accredited trainers who have the necessary
permissions to work with and localise the alignments to the national curriculums of Australia, New
Zealand and the IB Primary Years Programme.
This would be the first use of the Common Sense Media resources to be developed with a local ‘flavour’
and provides a unique platform for global collaboration in support of digital citizenship.
Significantly, Symantec will be funding an alignment to the Australian and New Zealand curricula of
digital citizenship concepts developed by Common Sense Media:

Internet Safety Privacy & Security Relationships &
Digital Footprint &
Self-image and
Information Literacy Creative Credit &

Today, a safer Internet is one that is underpinned by the values of citizenship. This moves towards the
idea of ‘digital citizenship’ which reflects our growing understanding that online safety is more than just
the use of security software and passwords, but encompasses the actual ethics of being online and respect
for others. Ideally, digital citizens think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly.