Room One had fun on Boat Day!

Room 1, along with Asha and Bryleigh from Room 3, and our wonderful student leaders from Room 6 -Kayla and Grace, had a fantastic day at our annual Boat Day at Omokoroa Beach.  We started the day learning to paddle in kayaks, then sailing the optimists.  After morning tea we had fun at Beach Olympics and then we went fishing out on the jetty. Our biggest catch was Bryleigh’s starfish! Our final activity of the day was heaps of fun -floating and balancing on the tubes.  Thank you to Grace and Kayla and all the parents who came along to help and make the day such a fabulous experience.


P1100839 P1100840 P1100842 P1100846 P1100855 P1100856  P1100875 P1100905P1100887 P1100889 P1100902 P1100906 P1100867P1100913 P1100918 P1100923P1100930 P1100932 P1100935 P1100936 P1100939  P1100952 P1100944P1100956

Room 5 & 6, Romeo and Juliet at the Pop-up Globe Theatre



IMG_3865  IMG_3870

On Wednesday the 24th of February Room 5 and 6 from Matahui School supported by some fantastic parents made the trip to Auckland to attend a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Pop-up Globe Theatre.

2016-02-24 13.26.48  2016-02-24 14.31.33

What a wonderful experience! We were filled with the artistry, drama and wonder of Shakespearian theatre. The performance had us spellbound.

2016-02-24 14.36.02

Deep Water Day

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On Wednesday this week Room 5 and 6 went to Windermere Campus to participate in their Deep Water Skills Programme.

In this programme we learnt skills that could help save our lives.

We learnt to;

Scull in deep waterDSC_0300

Dive underneath objects


Take off additional clothing that might weigh us down


Float using objects that might be in the waterDSC_0446


Rescue people from land or in the water

DSC_0460 IMG_2700

Stay together as a groupDSC_0487


How to move together as a groupDSC_0494

Jump safely off a high platform


Entering and exiting a life raft


We had valuable and rewarding trip.



Beach Education Day

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On Tuesday Room 1, 3 and 5 went to Waihi Beach to participate in the Surf Sense programme.


During the day we played games and we learnt how to be safe in the surf.

The five safety rules were

  • Swim between the flags
  • Listen to the lifeguard
  • Make sure a adult is watching you
  • Never swim alone
  • Be sunsmart

Max the life guard, demonstrated how to rescue someone using the IRB (inflatable rescue boat).  Grace and Alexander were excellent life guards.


The best part of the day was when we went into the large surf and took revenge on the parents!!



Parents are genuinely interested in what and how their children learn at school. In the past two weeks at Matahui School parents/caregivers have been invited to visit and observe the students learning during an Open Day. We have also had two camps, one for the students in Room 3 and the other, for all our Room 5 and 6 students. In both instances parents have been actively and directly involved in supporting our curriculum and student learning within very specific outdoor learning environments.

However,  learning outside the classroom takes yet another form and one that is incredibly exciting. It occurs when what is being focused upon in the context of the classroom environment spills out into the playground. Two examples follow.

During our bicycle safety programme the students used all the knowledge (both practical and theoretical), and skills they were presented in class to create their own off-road cycle track which they designed, built and managed with remarkable success.

As part of a recent science investigation Room 3 students developed marble runs whereby they needed to think about all factors that would affect the distance a marble could roll – the goal being to see who could get a marble to roll the furthest. Well, this experiment that also involved a high degree of mathematical understanding, morphed into playground play.



Magic Matahui Mud

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Room 5’s perspective

On Saturday Matahui School held its first Mud Run.

After a short run through the school grounds we arrived at the 50m water slide.  The bigger the run up the faster you went….

IMG_6369 IMG_6387IMG_6352



Then we ran through the farm to the MUD!!!!!!!!

There were many obstacles to manoeuvre around, nothing could stand in our way.



A quick hose off to end the event.


What a great day


Thanks to Matt and his team for organising this event.  It was marvelously muddy.

Matahui Room Five Students Win Prestigious WBEET Baymaths Competition







Matahui Room 5 students Rose Brunning, Rory Robertson and Bridget McGirr won the prestigious Year Six WBEET Baymaths competition last night against strong opposition from upper North Island schools. The three were first in the team challenge and second in the timed challenge and also highly competitive in the individual round. Another wonderful example of our students having outstanding success on the big stage. Congratulations!!!!! 

  IMG_2578 (2) Rose, Rory and Bridget show off their medals, cup and calculators following their fine win.

Bike Safety with Room One, Matahui School.

Room One enjoyed a week with Constable Ros Frost learning about bike safety and road safety.  We rode our bikes…..

.P1100155 ….on the court


P1100123P1100126…around the cones.P1100161We stopped at the Stop sign.P1100146P1100149 We rode our bikes on the grass.

P1100168…on the driveway.

P1100103P1100177P1100150We took off our trainer wheels!P1100118P1100176We checked for any traffic that may be coming.

P1100178 And on the last day we all enjoyed riding down Lancaster Road with Constable Ros!  Here we are practising our stop signals.