Room One explores colour

Red day







It is red day….

 Everybody looks red. I am Spider Man and I am red and powerful!  By James

Everyone is wearing red.  Red makes me feel strong!  By Nikora

I am wearing a red hat and a red skirt and a red jacket and red boots.  Red makes me feel happy.  By Millie-Anne

                                    Blue Day




It is blue day…

I am hungry for blueberries.  Everyone is blue.  Blue makes me feel happy because it makes me feel like swimming with fish.  By Keyarn

Blue makes me feel cold.  It makes me feel happy. Blue is the sea.  Blue is the sky.  Blue is my favourite colour. I am wearing a blue T shirt.  It looks like everyone is wearing blue.  By Gianni

Blue is one of my favourite colours.  I am wearing a blue jacket, dress, leggings and hat.  I feel happy because I like blue.  By Bryleigh

                                          Yellow Day


Today is Yellow Day…..

Yellow makes me feel snuglish and warm.  By Thomas

Yellow looks fantastic!  Everyone is wearing yellow.  Everyone looks like the sun.  I am wearing a yellow T shirt with coloured pineapples. Yellow makes me think of summer because it is a hot colour.  By Asha

Everyone is wearing yellow.  Yellow is my favourite colour.  I feel happy.  By Abygale

Yellow makes me feel bright because  daffodils are yellow.  I’m wearing yellow and everyone is wearing yellow too.  I think I look cool in yellow.  Yellow bananas and yellow lemons and pineapples are yummy and tasty.  Yellow makes me feel important because it’s a bright colour.  By Matilda.





Welcome to Room One 2015

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My Name is Gianni.  I'm as tall as a giraffe.  I'm as fast as a cheetah.  I have blonde hair and I have long legs.  I run fast on my long legs.  I run up the hills and down the hills and I'm gone before you see me!

My name is Bryleigh.  I love myself.  I'm the best I can be.  I'm me.  I like my blonde hair and my blue eyes.  I like sleeping.  I'm as beautiful as a flower.

My name is James.  I like riding on my bike.  I'm as tall as a giant.  I'm friendly to my friends.  I have lots of smiles.

My name is Matilda.  I'm special.  I'm good at spelling.  I'm as cute as a kitten.  When I wave my hair around it looks funny.  I like making people laugh.

My name is Keyarn.  I'm six.  I love trains.  I want to be a train driver.

My name is Asha.  I am nearly six.  I am proud I am nice.  I make people happy.  I love writing and riding my bike.

My name is Gabe.  I like playing basketball.  I have brown hair.  I have blue eyes.  I like playing with my friends.

My name is Millie-Anne.  I am five years old.  I like myself.  I like my red hair.  I like my blue eyes.  I like to ride my bike.

My name is Thomas.  I like riding my bike.  I like eating chocolate.  It's delicious!

My name is Nikora.  I like going on the boat.  I love my cousin.  I love my whole family!

We hope you enjoyed our stories and paintings!

‘Animal Talk back’ by Room One. Come and enjoy our stories, paintings and photos.

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Our Matahui School put on a show. Room One and Two are in an Indian village and we are having a wedding. I am a trickster with Emma-Poppy. We trick Hackett and Hunk. They are mean and evil and they want to steal the Spirit of Life. We say to Hackett and Hunk that the Spirit of Life is in the thumpty dumpty droppings. But it is not! We tricked them!    By Max


Everyone at our school put on a show. I am in an Indian village. The elephant comes out and sprays white flour out over the audience from his trunk. They laughed. The elephant is fat and big. The elephant now is a white elephant. Hissterghast the snake lives in Tinkovit. Hissterghast is as scary as a monster! He scares the explorers and Hackett  and Hunk. But they get away and they say, “We are the champions!” By Macy


Our school made a show. We are in a village. Hissterghast is an evil snake and he is in the Valley of Tinkovit. The walls are as steep as cliffs. His eye is like an evil laser. The snake chases Hackett and Hunk, two evil men who want to steal the Spirit of Life. I climb the tree to look for the elephant. The elephant looks cool when he dances. Our show is cool.       By Troy


We are presenting a show. Room One and Two do the Jai Ho dance. It is fun doing the Snake Dance and Bow and Arrow. I am Mrs Himhumbud and Luca is Mr Himhumbud and we are getting ready for the wedding. We have lots of marigold flowers. They look pretty and I feel happy. By Matilda


Our school put on a show. I lead the elephant off the stage. He is terribly big and terribly fat. He squashed my lettuce. He broke the marigold flowers. He used the TV aerial as a back scratcher. He sprays white flour over the audience and they laugh. Our show is awesome. By Keyarn


My class put on a show. I like telling Alderajah that the elephant has been drinking from the goldfish pond. He has been naughty and he has to go back to New Zealand. That elephant is a naughty elephant when he squirts white flour out to the audience. It is funny! By Bryleigh


Matahui made a show. The show is awesome. I dance the Jai Ho dance. We do the Indian dance. I like dancing the Snake and the Bow and Arrow. I love saying my part. I say “let’s play some games.” I say “Hissterghast has an eye like an evil laser. Bzzzzzzzz!” By James


Matahui School is showing a production. Room One and Two are doing an Indian scene. I come running in and I say “Goodness gracious me! The elephant is very big!” Troy climbs up the tree so he can see what’s happening. An elephant is coming to our village and I feel excited! By Asha


I like our show and I am in an Indian village. At the show I say to the explorers that we will help you find the River of Knowledge. They go to the Valley of Tinkovit. Its walls are as steep as cliffs. And there is a giant snake called Hissterghast. The explorers get the water from the River of Knowledge. Hissterghast scares the explorers and Hissterghast is blind in his left eye. I am proud of our show. By Denley


Animal Talkback

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Matahui School is putting on a school wide production called ‘Animal Talkback’ on the 24th and 25th September.  We are having great fun getting ready for it now, acting out our parts and learning our dance called Jai Ho.  Our scene is set in an Indian village and we have an elephant in our story.  Here are our paintings of an Indian elephant and our stories describing the elephant.


My Elephant by Gianni

My elephant is called Tommy.  Watch out!  He might stomp on you!  He is the biggest of all.  He is the shiniest.  My elephant has big feet.  My elephant comes from India.  He is sparkly and getting ready for the show.  He is happy.P1070854

My Elephant by Matilda

My elephant is as huge as trees.  She is from India.  She has Indian patterns.  She looks sparkly with decorations.  She is beautiful.  She walks down the path to go to the Ball.  She is happy that she is not a white elephant.           P1070858


My Elephant by Denley

My elephant is called Harrison Elephant.  He comes from India.  My elephant is as sparkly as sunshine.  My elephant has sparkly eyebrows.  He is spraying water on his back and he feels cool.


My Elephant by Macy

My elephant comes from India.  It likes grass.  My elephant is sparkly.  My elephant is the biggest.  Her name is Bella.  She walks to the wedding and she looks special.


My Elephant by Troy

My elephant is called Fifi and she is beautiful.  She has sparkly mats on her back.  She comes from India.                                                      P1070855

My Elephant by Asha

My elephant is sparkly and it comes from India.  She is my favourite elephant. She is walking along to the party and she is excited.


My Elephant by Max

I like my elephant because he is cool and sparkly.  He is cute with decorations.  He wants to look pretty for the party.


My Elephant by James

My elephant is friendly with the people.  His name is Puppet.  He comes from India.  He has bright painting on his grey skin.


My Elephant by Keyarn

My elephant is a boy and he is called Keyarn.  He has cool mats on his back.  He is going to a wedding and he looks big.


My Elephant by Millie-Anne

My elephant is pretty.  She comes from India.  She is eating grass.  She is going to a wedding.


My Elephant by Bryleigh

She is sparkly and creative and she is sparkly and beautiful.  She is going to a party in India.  She is happy.




Matahui School, Room1: Tuakana / Teina (Buddies)

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P1070443P1000331We have been learning about friendships and we love doing things with our buddies from Room 2 and 5. First our class painted pictures of our buddies. Then we worked together to make Autumn leaf prints and Koru block prints.  Later our class cut them out and made them into our clothes.  We also wrote similes about our buddies.  We hope you enjoy them!P1070441P1070178P1070439P1070195P1070436P1070224P1070440P1000332P1070438P1070192P1070437P1070204P1070434P1070209P1070435P1070213P1070433  P1070188   P1070442P1070214P1070527

Squiggle Squirm Matahui Tiger Worms – Room One

P1070099   “Here’s all the food scraps we have collected” says James.. P1070117 P1070118“Yum! yum!” say the tiger worms to Millie Anne and Asha.  

P1070128“I can’t believe the tiger worms are going to eat this shredded paper!” says Gianni. P1070130“And a little sprinkle of lime” says James.

P1070108P1070115 “I spy with my little eye” says Bryleigh. Denley and Keyarn.  “I can see heaps and heaps and heaps of tiger worms that can’t stop eating! The are too busy!” says Keyarn.  “They’ve got stripes” says Denley.  “They look like TIGERS!” says Bryleigh.

P1070113P1070107 “Hey, I don’t believe the tiger worms have any eyes” says Max.  “There’s lots of worms ” says Troy.  “The worms like it when its dark so they are going under the soil” says Matilda.

P1070116 “I wouldn’t eat that avocado!” says Macy to Denley.   P1070135 “This worms juice is really strong” says Keyarn. “Better add some water to it” says Max

.P1070133There is lots of worm juice. These worms have been busy!” says Gianni.

P1070142 “Our cherry tree is going to love this” says Matilda. P1070146“This plant needs just a little bit more worm juice Keyarn” says Max.

P1000321 “The plants in the hanging basket will grow really well with all this worm poo!  It’s going to look so pretty!” says Asha to Gianni.