Matahui School, Room1: Tuakana / Teina (Buddies)

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P1070443P1000331We have been learning about friendships and we love doing things with our buddies from Room 2 and 5. First our class painted pictures of our buddies. Then we worked together to make Autumn leaf prints and Koru block prints.  Later our class cut them out and made them into our clothes.  We also wrote similes about our buddies.  We hope you enjoy them!P1070441P1070178P1070439P1070195P1070436P1070224P1070440P1000332P1070438P1070192P1070437P1070204P1070434P1070209P1070435P1070213P1070433  P1070188   P1070442P1070214P1070527

What Has Been Happening This Week In Room 6, Matahui Primary School?



Phoebe Robertson is currently working on her Gold Project, which is to design and build a new “spaceship” play structure for the juniors. To help fund raise for her Gold she is selling Waffles to students on Fridays at lunch time.

Here are some photos of Phoebe and her team making waffles for the hungry students.

DSC03313 DSC03314 DSC03316



DSC03325  DSC03326  DSC03327


Room 6 have been holding a barbeque every Friday after full assembly. The delicious sausages have proved to be very popular! The money we gain from the sale of sausages is going toward the new technology workshop or future school camps.


DSC03320 DSC03321


A large number of our class were celebrated for receiving Gold, Silver, Bronze and Credit awards in the recent Language Perfect World Language Championships. Tres bien!!!



Matahui Primary School, Katikati – Cross Country Training


Ready, set, go!  The year 4’s at Matahui Primary School are off on their cross country training run. DSC04224 DSC04225

Up and down and around they go. DSC04226 DSC04227

Molly says, “I love running on the farm, once we even got stuck in gorse bushes.”

Bridget says, “The hill was slippery.”

Fern says, “Once we saw the farmer and lots of cows.”

Grace says, “This is fun.”

Elle says, “It’s cold.”

Squiggle Squirm Matahui Tiger Worms – Room One

P1070099   “Here’s all the food scraps we have collected” says James.. P1070117 P1070118“Yum! yum!” say the tiger worms to Millie Anne and Asha.  

P1070128“I can’t believe the tiger worms are going to eat this shredded paper!” says Gianni. P1070130“And a little sprinkle of lime” says James.

P1070108P1070115 “I spy with my little eye” says Bryleigh. Denley and Keyarn.  “I can see heaps and heaps and heaps of tiger worms that can’t stop eating! The are too busy!” says Keyarn.  “They’ve got stripes” says Denley.  “They look like TIGERS!” says Bryleigh.

P1070113P1070107 “Hey, I don’t believe the tiger worms have any eyes” says Max.  “There’s lots of worms ” says Troy.  “The worms like it when its dark so they are going under the soil” says Matilda.

P1070116 “I wouldn’t eat that avocado!” says Macy to Denley.   P1070135 “This worms juice is really strong” says Keyarn. “Better add some water to it” says Max

.P1070133There is lots of worm juice. These worms have been busy!” says Gianni.

P1070142 “Our cherry tree is going to love this” says Matilda. P1070146“This plant needs just a little bit more worm juice Keyarn” says Max.

P1000321 “The plants in the hanging basket will grow really well with all this worm poo!  It’s going to look so pretty!” says Asha to Gianni.

The Amazing Race

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In our first class post we would like to celebrate the wonderful success of the Year 7/8

Amazing Race team who WON this years competition. This is true testament to the

ability that Matahui students have to work well as a team, think flexibly to solve problems

and thrive in education outside the classroom.