Art Gallery

Today Room 1 and Room 5 went to explore the Tauranga Art Gallery.  We observed the interesting and detailed Otherworld exhibition, paying particular interest to Peter Madden’s sculpture installation.  Peter uses a range of construction materials to create ‘Otherworlds’.


Then it was our turn to use our imaginations to create our own ‘other worlds’.  We were very focused on each part of the activity and our creations are ‘Otherworldly’.

DSCI0124P1110282P1110274DSCI0127P1110277 DSCI0128DSCI0121P1110273DSCI0122

We then made our own artistic group sculpture.


Sharing lunch together in the park was energetic.


Deep Water Day

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On Wednesday this week Room 5 and 6 went to Windermere Campus to participate in their Deep Water Skills Programme.

In this programme we learnt skills that could help save our lives.

We learnt to;

Scull in deep waterDSC_0300

Dive underneath objects


Take off additional clothing that might weigh us down


Float using objects that might be in the waterDSC_0446


Rescue people from land or in the water

DSC_0460 IMG_2700

Stay together as a groupDSC_0487


How to move together as a groupDSC_0494

Jump safely off a high platform


Entering and exiting a life raft


We had valuable and rewarding trip.



Beach Education Day

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On Tuesday Room 1, 3 and 5 went to Waihi Beach to participate in the Surf Sense programme.


During the day we played games and we learnt how to be safe in the surf.

The five safety rules were

  • Swim between the flags
  • Listen to the lifeguard
  • Make sure a adult is watching you
  • Never swim alone
  • Be sunsmart

Max the life guard, demonstrated how to rescue someone using the IRB (inflatable rescue boat).  Grace and Alexander were excellent life guards.


The best part of the day was when we went into the large surf and took revenge on the parents!!


Magic Matahui Mud

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Room 5’s perspective

On Saturday Matahui School held its first Mud Run.

After a short run through the school grounds we arrived at the 50m water slide.  The bigger the run up the faster you went….

IMG_6369 IMG_6387IMG_6352



Then we ran through the farm to the MUD!!!!!!!!

There were many obstacles to manoeuvre around, nothing could stand in our way.



A quick hose off to end the event.


What a great day


Thanks to Matt and his team for organising this event.  It was marvelously muddy.

Matahui Trapping Group Strikes Again

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Once again our hard working team of trappers went into the Aongatete Bush to check our trapping line.

When we arrived we found Barry waiting for us.  Last time he showed us how to skin a possum.  This time we saw how it had dried.  It still needed more time curing.


Then it was time to go into the bush.  We heard lots of different bird calls today like the tui, bush robin, rifleman and fantails.

At the first trap, otherwise known as the graveyard we found our first possum of the day.  Over the morning we went on to collect 2 more possums.


Then we stopped off at the weka aviary.  We saw 3 weka moving about and we learnt that weka can climb trees.  People did not know that weka could do this, so it is exciting information.


During the walk we also saw a morepork.  It is unusual to see one during the day.  Barry thought that it might be a juvenile bird.


It was another great trapping session.  Thanks to Barry, Pete and Ann who looked after us today.


Super Safe Cycling

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Last week Rooms 1, 3 and 5 worked with Constable Ros to improve our cycling skills.

Firstly we checked our bikes and helmets to make sure they were safe.

sofia helmet
Constable Ros taught Room 5

  • The road code
  • How to perform emergency braking,
  • How to use hand signals to indicate your intentions
  • How to perform u-turns

We used the school grounds to make practice roads to master our skills.

On Friday we put our skills to the test by cycling around the streets of Katikati.
While we were cycling we had to think carefully about what we were doing; keeping left, curb starts, looking behind, indicating intentions, life saver looks, safe cycling distance…….

We were amazing!

road cycling
At the end of our journey we stopped off at the Katikati Skate park to test our bikes and bodies in a different way.

skate park

skate 2

We have learnt a lot of great skills.  A special thanks to Constable Ros for your help throughout the week and to Dave and Dave (Sofia’s Granddad) who helped us on this trip.

Static Electricity

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Room five have been learning about Static Electricity, we have completed some experiments to learn how Static Electricity works.

The first experiment we tried was making our hair static by rubbing a balloon against our hair.

Another experiment we tried was when we used a charged balloon to pick up light objects such as, salt, tissue paper, tinfoil and rice bubbles.

Our favourite experiment was when we charged the balloon and placed it near florescent light bulb.  The part of the light bulb closest to the balloon flashed.  It was awesome!!! 

We are now learning about lightning.  Get ready to be electrified!

Aongatete Bush Trapping

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On Tuesday 30th June Alex, Blake, Grace and Mrs Chissell went trapping with Barry and Barbara from the Aongatete Forest Restoration Trust.DSC06989

We wanted to learn how to set traps.

Before we went into the bush Barry taught us how to use the stoat trap.

Barry has set up a trapping line just for our school.  There are 11 stations and they are approximately 200 m apart.  On this trapping line they have set up live kill traps for possums and stoats.

The first station is called the graveyard.  There was nothing in the two traps.



DSC06995At the second station we found a dead male possum. Barry showed us the claws aDSC07007nd teeth of the possum.  We learnt how to reset the traps and how to attract the possums with flour and aniseed.










It was hard to reset the traps because the mechanisms are hard and a bit rusty.DSC07021

We discovered 2 possums, 1 mouse and 1 rat.

The entire trapping line took us 3 hours to walk but there was lots of talking and in the future it should take us two hours.






Barbara also asked us to keep track of the birds we heard and saw.

We saw 1 woodpigeon and we heard lots of fantail, a robin, tui, grey warbler and a rifleman.

It was really awesome to go out with Barry and Barbara and we can wait to do it again.


Young Einstein Champions

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On Wednesday 10 June we sent 2 fabulous teams along to the North Cluster Young Einstein Competition.  Both teams competed strongly.




Congratulations goes to Rory, Fern, Danielle and Blake who won the competition.




young einstein 1


Last night the team competed in the WBOP Young Einstein Competition. While we did not win this competition, I think you will all agree they did look fantastic.

Weka Release

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Welcome to the Weka Blog.

On Thursday 30th of April. Room 5 went up into the Aongatete bush to help to release 12 endangered Weka.  There were 10 males and 2 females.

A Weka is a medium sized brown bird with, red eyes.   It has small wings but it cannot fly. The birds are curious and famously feisty. This means that they are an easy target for predators such as; stoats, weasels, rats, dogs and cats.

The Aongatete Bring Back the Birds group have spent the last 9 years eradicating pests from this area. A 20 m2 aviary was set up to contain the birds for the next six weeks, because they have a strong homing instinct and would run back to Opotiki.


To start the day we had a Maori blessing for the Weka.


In pairs we chose our Weka that we would release into the bush. We then hiked to a secret location where the Avairy awaited us


We went through the protective double doors into the pest free environment.



One by one we carefully opened the boxes and released the Weka.


It was amazing to be so close to these threatened birds.

We hope these birds enjoy their new home in the avairy.


Written by Connor, Alex and Cullum.