Art Gallery

Today Room 1 and Room 5 went to explore the Tauranga Art Gallery.  We observed the interesting and detailed Otherworld exhibition, paying particular interest to Peter Madden’s sculpture installation.  Peter uses a range of construction materials to create ‘Otherworlds’.


Then it was our turn to use our imaginations to create our own ‘other worlds’.  We were very focused on each part of the activity and our creations are ‘Otherworldly’.

DSCI0124P1110282P1110274DSCI0127P1110277 DSCI0128DSCI0121P1110273DSCI0122

We then made our own artistic group sculpture.


Sharing lunch together in the park was energetic.


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  1. Anna Hume

    Such awesome photos, i wish i was there. Thanks Christine

  2. Danielle Ellis

    Such concentration and creativity! Great idea for a trip. Sam really enjoyed it – thank you. He gave a us tour of the art gallery afterwards!

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