An Individual Approach to Education

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Here is an article we had published in the Hauraki Coromandel Post, explaining Matahui’s unique approach to the education of each individual student, you can read the full article below.

At Matahui School we understand learning takes many shapes and forms and all children are individuals and learn in different ways.  This is the reason why we have built a school ethos that acknowledges and values the different strengths of each student.  Instead of asking ‘Is this child smart’ we ask ”How is this child smart” Instead of fitting students into a box, we celebrate individual brilliance, we call these ‘super-powers’.  Dr Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple intelligences is embedded in everything we do to find students ‘smarts’ or ‘super-powers’.  Is your child word smart, logic smart, do they have strengths in math, music, drama or are they a natural scientist or palaeontologist? Are they fascinated with insects; do they care for  the environment? All of these are ways of being smart and we make connections with these intelligences and forest the in a safe nurturing environment where students can be themselves.

As we prepare our students for their futures, we teach them how to think and problem solve through our interdisciplinary approach.  Core subjects are integrated across different areas of learning to create relevant meaning for each individual student.  Students are able ton connect and gain understanding of concepts through engaging hands-on activities.  Our teachers at Matahui School guide students in their understanding key concepts while encouraging each student to think creatively, collaborate with their peers and teacher and be free to experiment and take risks.

Education outside the classroom, EOTC, is an important area where learning take place beyond the four walls of the classroom. Matahui School students are involved in a number of camps during the year where they are challenged to reach their physical and mental potential.  Another opportunity for EOTC is our Guardians of the Forest programme which allows students to have real-life experiences in a natural environment where they can play, learn and create; explore land and water and become guardians of our natural environment. Matahui School offer school tours every Wednesday during school terms, for anyone who would like to learn more about the programmes Matahui School offers students.

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